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    Hi Frank - great question. So for our user uploaded images we use Google AI to auto-tag them. The accuracy of the tags is based on Google's image processing and machine learning. For stock images we use the tags passed to us for the photo from Unsplash. 

    You can manage these tags and whether you accept them during upload or later at any point in the Content Manager.

    During upload:

    1. Press the Add Tags button after image upload is complete or stock image is selected.

    2. The auto-tags for each image will be displayed. You can delete specific tags, add your own new ones, or delete all the auto-tags with the Clear Tags button. 


    From Content Manager after upload:

    1. From the image tile, hit the 3 dots for your menu and select Tag



    2. The tags for each image will be displayed. Again you can delete individual tags, add your own, clear all tags (Clear Tags button), or auto-tag again (Auto Tag button). Note that for stock images, if you choose to auto tag again it will now use the Google AI rather than the Unsplash default tags.



    We do not currently have a feature to turn auto-tagging off at the workspace level. I think that's an excellent suggestion though for users who don't want these defaulted on - I'll suggest this to our product team as a feature request.   

    Please let us know if any other questions here.

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