Sequencing Assessment Template?



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    Shawn Burson (Knowbly Instructional Design)

    Great question. We are underway with the development of a Sequencing Widget template. In the meantime, I thought I would share a work-around to accomplish the same type of assessment within the existing Fill in the Blank template. 

    Let’s start with the finished product. Below is an embedded example widget to test the experience. Recreate steps follow.

    Step 1

    I created an ordered list with the items that I want the user to put into the correct sequence.

    Step 2

    I want to provide some visual hinting for the user during the assessment, as well as display the actual colors of the visual spectrum in the Summary of the assessment, so I am applying a background color to each list item, and choosing an accessibility-compliant text color for each instance (WebAIM’s Contract Checker is a great, quick way to evaluate background/foreground contrast ratios).

    Step 3

    For this assessment, I decide to only test the user’s ability to put the colors into the proper order rather than their ability to spell the color names, so I will be using the “Dropdown” mode rather than “Type Input” in the next Step. To ensure that the background colors will exceed the width of the dropdown lists, I add a non-breaking space before and after the text in each list item.

    Step 4

    I select only the text characters in each list item (without the additional inserted non-breaking spaces), and “Add blank”. I make sure that “Dropdown” is selected from Answer Mode.

    Step 5

    In Settings, I set Answer Order to “Random” to shuffle the order of the dropdown list items.

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  • Frank Cotton

    Very cool.  Thanks for sharing.

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