How can I make my courses more visually interesting?




  • Kristi Koistinen (Knowbly Art Director)

    Using color is an excellent way to add visual interest to your course. It can entice your learners to want to read more, and help them make sense of complex content. Color can be used to communicate hierarchy, create emphasis, and organize content into digestible chunks. 

    Below are some of examples on how to easily use color with Knowbly.

    Fill a block with color to call out a section

    How to color a block

    In this example, I colored the block containing my call out section with a color from my theme. In the Settings block tab, click the Background fill to open the color picker and choose the color you wish to use. To create additional visual interest, I used inline styles to make the paragraph text in my colored block white (more information on inline styling is below).

    Use inline styling and themes to colorize content elements

    How to style text inline

    To style text inline, highlight the text then click styling tool you want to use in the top toolbar. Here I made my call out text blue.

    How to colorize elements with themes

    In this example, I used tints of the theme’s blue for styling table elements. This screenshot shows how I assigned tints and color opacity to my table rows.

    Color palettes

    When choosing a color palette, it’s important to consider the mood of your project. For example, bright colors typically set an upbeat and playful tone, while dark or muted colors are experienced as more serious or formal. To be sure that your content is accessible to your audience, it’s important to select colors with good contrast for readability.

    There are a lot of great online resources about color and accessibility. Here are a few:

    Contrast Ratio

    Colors – A nicer palette for the web

    Color Hunt

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  • Kelly Neyland (Knowbly Account Manager)

    I love to add a background image to my title blocks and header text blocks. It’s a great way to add both color and texture to your course. 

    Knowbly has tons of royalty-free stock images available for you to use for free. Try searching things like: wood, texture, stone, leaves, sand, (you get the idea!).

    Here are some lessons I created using Knowbly stock images as a background on my title and header blocks:

    Here’s how to achieve the look:

    STEP 1: Click on a title or text block while in Edit mode. Then click on the Block tab in the left panel.

    STEP 2: Click on Add background image. You can either add your own image from your desktop, reuse an image from your Content Manager, or select a Stock Image.

    Additional Settings & Tips:

    • Want to see more of the image? Adjust the padding to increase or decrease the amount of space above and below your header so you can see more (or less) of your background image.
    • Want to tone down or lighten the image? Add an Image Overlay color. Select a color that’s similar in color to your actual image, then adjust the opacity of the fill color to lighten or adjust the coloring in the image.
    • How to select a good background image: Look for images that have consistent coloring throughout the image. If there is a lot of contrast (such as an image containing black and white or a variety of colors, it will be hard to read your header text.
    • Organizing your background images: Add tags to your background images so you can easily find and reuse them. Some suggested tags are: Light background, Dark background, and Texture.  
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  • Great suggestions everybody!  Just to help out anyone looking for more details on creating your own jazzy content, we have some Knowledge Base articles on these basics:

    How to style your course block

    How to setup style themes you can apply to a course

    Happy to help further if this doesn't give you all the details you need to recreate these examples or build your own.

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